Knowadays Proofreading Academy Review: Worth It?

Proofreading can be a great work from home job. You can create your own schedule, dictate the volume of work you receive, and it pays pretty well! New Proofreaders can plan on earning about $15-$20 Per Hour

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Note: As of February 2022, "Proofreading Academy" has been renamed to "Knowadays". It still has the same course, content, etc., just under a new name!

What Does a Proofreader do?

Do you find yourself spotting mistakes? Do you enjoy reading? If you answered "Yes" to those questions, Proofreading may be an interesting Career Path for you. Proofreading is last step in the process of creating content. Prior to releasing an article, book, or some other written material, they will want to make sure it is presented as perfectly as possible. A Proofreader is the final set of eyes that checks documents for mistakes before it is published.

Knowadays (Proofreading Academy) is a company that created an entire program to help people get started in a Proofreading career.

Knowadays Program consists of:

  • Training to become a Professional Proofreader
  • Lifetime access to the Training Courses
  • Live tutors to help you
  • Guaranteed work after completing training

You do not need a college degree to work as a Proofreader, and if you're a little rusty on your grammar, spelling, or syntax skills - Knowadays Proofreading Academy will go over all the basics, and details to train you in becoming a Professional Proofreader.

Proofreading is GREAT for Flexible Schedule Remote Job Seekers

Proofreading is largely done as a Work From Home Job, and on top of that, you can control the amount of work you will do, as well as the hours you work.

Most Proofreaders are Freelancers, and get their work through online companies like,, or At first, it may take a little while to get consistent work as a Proofreader, however, Knowadays gives you access to an exclusive job board which only professionals who have completed their training course will have access to.

Why Proofreading?

As an example of someone who Proofreading would be perfect for, might be a Stay-at-home Dad, or Stay-at-home-mom.

Maybe you have a hectic schedule with all of your kids, but still have a few odd hours in the day, where you wish you could be earning some kind of income. This is an ideal job as it is:

  • Flexible Hours/ Create Your Own Schedule
  • Pays Well
  • Can eventually be turned into Full-Time
  • Remote/Work from Home
  • No Phone Job, all you need is a laptop

As a Proofreader, you can definitely earn a decent paying part-time income with this work from home job. Many Proofreaders pick up work when their schedule allows & if they are able to.

Typically, you can expect about $15-$20 Per Hour when you are just starting off as a Proofreader. As you gain more experience, and handle larger documents, you can plan on $20-$50 Per Hour.

Does Knowadays have good reviews?

We found many Knowadays and Proofreading Academy reviews on . At the time of this posting, Knowadays :

  • Is a "Verified Company"
  • 360 Reviews
  • 4.8/5.0 Rating
  • 96% of Reviewers rated Knowadays as "Great to Excellent"

Are there any requirements to get into the Knowadays Proofreading Training Program?

Anyone can sign up for the Proofreading Training! There are a few things to consider, however.

1) Location: You can take the Training, and Work from almost anywhere. Check their site to confirm up to date restrictions!

2) Language: Must have a "Native" Language Skill level in either USA English, UK English, AUS Language, or IRE English.

3) Equipment: You will need a laptop, or Computer as well as a stable internet connection for the training, and work!

Where can I learn more about the Knowadays Proofreading Training & Work Program?

To learn more about this program, head over to

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